2019 Call for Proposals

The BYU Latter-day Saint Educators Association Conference on June 28, 2019, will focus on the overall theme of “Inspired Learning.” BYU President Kevin J Worthen has encouraged “Inspiring Learning.” Utah Valley University has promoted “Engaged Learning.” We call for proposals or sessions based on topics relating to the overall theme of “Inspired Learning.” Subthemes for this year’s conference include the following:

  • Becoming inspiring teachers
  • Engaging learners
  • Promoting home-centered, Church-supported learning

About Our Organization

The vision of the BYU Latter-day Saint Educators Association is to provide a platform where Latter-day Saint educators who are guided by a personal testimony and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ can network with each other, learn from each other, share research findings and successes, discuss challenges, offer support, resources, and encouragement to each other.

The BYU Latter-day Saint Educators Association is for all teachers, including

  • K-12 educators
  • Higher education
  • Educational leaders
  • Seminary & Institute personnel
  • Gospel instructors at home and church
  • Prospective educators

Criteria for Proposals

Presentation proposals or sessions should be relevant to Latter-day Saints as educators. They should also be timely, clearly written, carefully prepared, and engaging (as much as possible). They should propose or provide engaging takeaways and action points for attendees. They may be judged based on coherence with any theme developed or announced for the annual conference. Some of the basic criteria for evaluation are

  • Relevance: Address the unique perspective and challenges facing Latter-day Saint educators, students, and parents in today’s schools, organizations, and society.
  • Approach: Describe the objectives, how the presentation adds value to the conference and serves attendees, who the target audience is, what methods the presenters will use, and what takeaways participants can expect.
  • Creativity and innovation and expertise of presenter: Briefly describe your knowledge base and background and your approach, including how you will frame or create new knowledge or perspectives.
  • Impact: Make your presentation relevant to Latter-day Saints in homes, families, or professional settings. It should help attendees grow, explore, network, and plan for action and development on various levels.

Suggestions for Proposals

  • Pick a topic that fits the criteria above and one that genuinely interests you aligned with the theme and sub-themes. Describe how your interest and knowledge in the topic will be relevant.
  • Be clear and captivating in your session’s title and description.
  • Show how you will make your presentation engaging, informative, and participatory.  
  • Make clear your expertise and interest by showing in the proposal the research, case studies, experience, examples, and anecdotes from which you will draw.

Proposal Submission Form

Lead presenter’s address:

Please attach the résumé or at least a detailed biography of the main proposed presenter.

Presenter bio for conference program (list affiliation information for each presenter as shown in the example below): John A. Smith, MEd, PhD: associate professor, Educational Leadership Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Presentation title:
Presentation topic:
Briefly discuss learning outcomes. When your presentation is completed, what do you expect the audience to know and understand?
What area of education does your presentation primarily address?

  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Home
  • Church

Contact information for each additional presenter (include the names and email addresses of each additional presenter).

If your proposal is not selected for a regular concurrent session, are you willing to present it as a roundtable or poster session?
Summary for conference program (must not exceed 25 words or will be edited as necessary)
Provide a 400- to 500-word description of the proposed presentation, including any discussion of best evidences, authorities, and practices that will be discussed.

Proposals will be evaluated based on they fit the above values, vision, and purposes and how well they serve the association members and conference attendees’ needs and interests. Presentations on specific products or for-profit programs and merchandise will usually not be accepted unless such programs or products are part of a presentation showing many different tools and the presenter is not situated to benefit monetarily.

Proposals for the 2019 conference must be submitted by February 1, 2019. Notifications of acceptance will be made by March 1, 2019. Please send proposals to:

Devan Jensen
Chair, Publication & Presentation Committee
BYU Latter-day Saints Educators Association