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  • President of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball (1973––1985) and Ezra Taft Bensen (1985––1994)
  • President of BYU: Jeffrey R. Holland
  • President of USA: Jimmy Carter (1977––1981), Ronald Reagan (1981––1989), and George H. W. Bush (1989––1993)
  • Major Events:
    • 1980 Ted Turner establishes CNN
    • 1981 Personal computers introduced
    • 1982 Michael Jackson releases "Thriller"
    • 1989 Berlin Wall falls

The Banyan——BYU Yearbook

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Alumni Memories

Grace Chumley——1983
Someone is Always Watching
One of my favorite classes was working in the Early Childhood lab. I remember that feeling of knowing people were behind the glass mirrors watching me as I worked with the children. I felt I needed to do a great job never knowing who was behind the glass. When I finally landed a real job in a daycare center, I remember feeling the relief that no one was behind the mirror watching me. I then realized I was still being watched. Heavenly Father was watching me as I took care of his precious children. It always helped me keep things in perspective as to how I interacted with children. I have spent my life working with students from 2–18 [years old] and still love and respect them. The most difficult student to work with just needs more love and experience.

Michelle Jones——1983
Thirty-five Cents
I was an intern my senior year in a sixth grade class at Franklin Elementary. As an undergrad my budget was very limited, so on long days I would go to the Cougareat and buy a two-inch slice of hot bread and butter for thirty five cents.

Terry K. Chandler—1986
With a Little Snap
I was an industrial arts education major. We had one professor that was semi-retired that taught metals classes. He had a small orchard on his property and had built his own apple cider press. In the fall, he enjoyed bringing this homemade apple juice in for all of us to share. He would bring this juice in washed-out one-gallon milk jugs. These jugs would be swollen as if under pressure. When we asked the teacher why this was, he would reply, “I like my cider with a little snap to it.”

William O. Shakespeare—1980s
A Tribute to Rulon Garfield
During the 1980s–-1990s, I served as director of the Reading-Writing Center at BYU. Sometime during the late eighties, Rulon Garfield, whom I didn’t know, dropped into my office at the Center, sat on my couch, and after some pleasantries, asked if he could hire me to help him write a letter of application. He explained that he was applying for a position as the president of Weber State University. I told him I liked the challenge of the task and would help him gratis. I asked him to forward me his vita, asked for his deadline of submission, and scheduled our next appointment.

I noticed on his vita that Rulon was a graduate of Weber State. At that next meeting, I asked him to tell me about his experience as a student there. He had enjoyed his undergraduate years. We selected a couple of anecdotes from his experiences, laced them with his professional achievements, and composed a letter both of us thought was a positive representation of his credentials to be the next president of Weber State.

As I recall, Rulon reported that there were twenty-nine candidates for the position. A series of meetings with the Board systematically reduced that number. Rulon underwent a number of interviews with the Board until eventually he was one of the three finalists for the position. He wasn’t the next president, but it was particularly meaningful to him that from a pool of elite candidates, he was one of the three finalists. Always after that experience... Read More

Photos courtesy, L.Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.