Students walking to class.

Students hanging out on campus.

Students laughing in Humanities class.

  • President of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson (1985––1994), Howard W. Hunter (1994––1995), and Gordon B. Hinckley (1995––2008)
  • President of BYU: Rex E. Lee and Merrill J. Bateman
  • President of USA: George H. W. Bush (1989––1993) and Bill Clinton (1993––2001)
  • Major Events:
    • 1990 Hubble Telescope launched into space
    • 1991 Collapse of the Soviet Union
    • 1994 Rwandan Genocide
    • 1997 Princess Diana dies in car cash
    • 1997 Titanic comes out

Alumni Memories

Matthew Felt——1997
My BYU Memories

  • Being turned away from a Frosh dance in the WILK ballroom because my shorts weren’'t long enough, feeling astonished since they were about 1/8 inch too short and I just hadn’t pulled them down like all the others around me.
  • Spending time watching TV in the Education LRC.
  • Buying sandwiches from the vending machines in the McKay Building. Finding the goldmine of a restroom on the second floor of the McKay Building.
  • So few men in the building meant it was pretty much professors and me using that restroom and usually meant a copy of USA Today was there as well.
  • Foolishly thinking that my 3.8ish GPA in a spring term would get me on the Dean’s List.
  • Making it through three years of the elementary education program with no dates in the program.
  • Children’s literature course in a spring term was murder on my time but probably my favorite elementary education class.
  • Producing a video in the education lab for my instructional technology class.
  • Vacuuming hair from the backseat of my car weekly during student teaching. Provo to Midvale daily seemed to mean it was okay to do hair in the car.
  • Graduating and not finding a teaching position in at least 20 interviews. Very frustrating but it turns out to have been a huge blessing to me. My degree led me to my current tech career. I look back fondly on my time at BYU and hope I can someday teach.