The prophet visits BYU for devotional.

BYU defeats University of Utah in 2009.

BYU a capella group sings on The Sing-Off.

  • President of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley (1995––2008) and Thomas S. Monson (2009––present)
  • President of BYU: Cecil O. Samuelson
  • President of USA: Bill Clinton (1993––2001), George W. Bush (2001––2009), & Barack Obama (2009––present)
  • Major Events:
    • 2001 Attack on the Twin Towers
    • 2001 Apple launches the iPod
    • 2004 Facebook is launched
    • 2005 Hurricane Katrina
    • 2010 Haitian Earthquake
    • 2011 Death of Osama bin Laden

Alumni Memories

Katie Steed——2000
Visitation Rights
"I remember taking a language development class with three of my friends who were also elementary education majors. When we found out the text for the course was going to be a whopping $85 dollars, we devised a plan. We split the cost of the text four ways and allotted custody rights of the book between the four of us. Visitation rights went as follows: We met in class on Monday, and Jen would give the text to Christine, who could use the text until class on Wednesday, where she would give the text to Katie and Cheryl, who were roommates, and they used the book until Saturday morning when Jen’'s visitation rights began. This rotation was repeated the entire semester long. All in the in the name of saving a few bucks as a poor college student."

Karen Ahlstrom——2000
“"We began student teaching in classrooms for a few weeks—my advisors, impressed by my academics in cohort classes, put me in a fifth grade classroom. There could not have been a much worse assignment since I don’'t relate well with older kids. I struggled through, but at the end of my couple of weeks, they took me aside and said they were really questioning whether I was cut out for teaching at all. I begged them to put me in a first grade class for the next rotation, and they very hesitantly agreed. There, I was able to do the creative stuff I had been looking forward to when I joined the program. At the end of that rotation, the advisors said, ‘'Ahh. Now we understand what you’'re doing here.'"

Coray McClellan——2004
I was walking to class at the Taylor Building, [and] I would often see Dr. Barbara Culatta on her roller blades commuting to work. I was always impressed with her enthusiasm for her work and for life in general.

Benjamin Rich——2001
In Memory of September 11th
I can’'t shake the haunting memory of being in the McKay School on September 11, 2001. I had 300-level classes all morning and the events unfolded throughout the school day. I distinctly remember the words of my first professor, “"There’'s something going on in New York this morning, but that’'s not important right now. Let’'s try to focus on the lesson.”" I don’'t remember anything else she said that day. When I reflect on what she said it reminds me of how the world changed that day. She didn’'t mean to minimize the deaths of all those people, she just didn’'t understand yet. None of us did.

By the next period the severity of the situation had become a little more clear and Brother A. Legrand Richards said to us, “"I don’'t understand what is going on right now, but the lesson I had prepared suddenly doesn’'t seem so important anymore.”" He brought in a TV and we all just sat and watched as the events unfolded and the twin towers burned and fell and all of those people died. We were mesmerized. No one spoke. It was solemn and scary, but it was somewhat comforting to be surrounded by fellow saints. As the class period ended and it was time to leave, he bore his testimony to us. I was grateful for Brother Richards that day.

I finished my degree on the trajectory I was on, but my fate changed that day. Four years later I left my career as a middle school teacher and joined the Air Force.

Class of 2008
When I started [at] BYU, the preschool was in an old building off of campus. Now it is in a state-of-the-art building.

Byron Young——2010
My cohort in school psychology graduated in 2010. We became very close over our three years in the program. After we graduated, my three-year-old daughter (who was born when I was in the program) got a brain tumor. My cohort and professors worked together not only to provide a Christmas for my children, by they also organized a 5K to raise funds for her medical bills. My time at BYU and in the McKay School changed my life and helped to make my daughter’'s time with her illness better.

Afton Lambson——2012
Uncle Cliffy
I had outstanding professors in the Executive School Leadership Program at the McKay School. One in particular made class come to life: Clifford Mayes. Almost every graduate student I knew called and still calls him “"Uncle Cliffy".” I remember his wardrobe: argyle sweater from JCPenney’'s, faded blue jeans, scuffed up brown loafers or tennis shoes, and that infectious smile. Dr. Mayes has a brilliant mind, but he only allows his students to enjoy the depth of this thinking and educational philosophies after he’'s thoroughly convinced that we’'ve laughed enough at his Perry Mason jokes or classic rock imitations. He has a very compassionate side, and this is evident in the classroom discussions and just the way he makes everyone feel. I particularly remembered the genuineness and power of his prayers at the beginning of class. At the “"Amen"” we’'d laugh right back into a riveting analysis of a Michael Jackson video. Uncle Cliff made grad school bearable and even fun.

Jessica Tavizon——2012
Late Night Study Sessions
My McKay School memory: Spending countless hours in the Taylor Building preparing for our clients and having late night study sessions.

Erin Farnes——2012
My Favorite Memories

  • Dr. Gibb showing us how to break down our lesson into steps (what a cute little angel).
  • The busy days during summer practicum when we had to rush back to campus after a couple of hours of teaching to attend our Special Education and the Law class.
  • The support from the other classmates as we went through the ups and downs of the program together.
  • Our favorite quote repeated by Shelia Reynolds, “"Just keep swimming."”
  • The best part about the program was the people. We have so many dedicated teachers in the field, helping one student all the time.

Heather Sabin——2013
A Creative Classroom Proposal
In the middle of student teaching health at Centennial Junior High, Heath Bryant surprised me with a marriage proposal. The 35 eighth-graders helped provide many of the key words for the mad-lib proposal, which included statements like “"whenever you touch my pinky, my heart starts to do yoga”" and "“I want to spend the rest of my money with you."” A humorous, yet sweet proposal involving the kids at the school made this student teaching experience unforgettable!