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Faculty Advancements in the McKay School of Education

The David O. McKay School of Education is pleased to announce the faculty rank advancements for 2008—2009. This years advancements: Clifford T. Mayes, Christopher D. Dromey, Timothy B. Smith, Charles R. Graham, Jr., Kendra M. Hall and Leigh K. Smith. The application process for advancement assesses years of service and contributions to the profession, the McKay School, and BYU in the areas of scholarship, citizenship, and teaching. To find out more about these faculty visit their VITA pages by clicking the links below.


Educational Leadership and Foundations

Clifford T. Mayes' educational experience includes two master's degrees and two doctorates. His areas of discipline are varied as he explores culture, society, psychology and history-particularly as they connect to education. He ability to gain and apply knowledge and learning is evidenced by his fluency in five different languages.

Communication Disorders

Christopher D. Dromey's strong interest in speech pathology motivated his master's and doctoral studies. In addition to teaching, he has worked in a variety of professional capacities, including research assistant, speech scientist, and speech-language pathologist. His contributions to his professional field and BYU comprise numerous peer-reviewed research studies and presentations. His rank advancement has only increased his motivation: he remarks, "Now that I have been advanced to the rank of professor, I have a growing desire to contribute something of real value to my profession and the university. This is not the time to be resting on a plateau-I want to move forward with more purpose and focus than ever before."

Counseling Psychology and Special Education

Timothy B. Smith spent six years continuing his educational pursuits beyond his initial degree, earning three master's degrees and his doctorate, and he plans to persist in a lifetime habit of learning. His areas of discipline and interest encompass religion and spirituality in relation to education and counseling, as well as multiculturalism and diversity. He has added to his profession with numerous research studies, books, and peered reviewed journal articles; has served as the editor of Journal of College Counseling; and has earned several professional and university awards-in addition to excelling as a teacher and mentor.


Instructional Psychology and Technology

Charles R. Graham has been a prominent participant in the innovative work that applies technology to teaching. His research covers online learning environments, in addition to technology tools for teaching and learning. Graham has received many awards and grants to help facilitate his research. He is currently teaching numerous IP&T courses. "Advancement is a step that every faculty member must go through," Graham acknowledges. "I will continue to do research in the areas of distance and blended learning environments as well as technology integration in K-12 environments."

Teacher Education

Kendra M. Hall is passionate about her specializations in early childhood education and literacy. Her research and writing combine these two areas, focusing on preparing young children (including English language learners) with essential pre-literacy skills and promoting reading comprehension among children in the early grades. Her master and doctorate studies were centered in human development and cognitive processes. These have served her well in her research and teaching as she continues to contribute to the aims and standards established by BYU.

Teacher Education

Leigh K. Smith began her post secondary education with an associate degree in nursing, followed by a bachelor's degree in elementary education, and a master's and a doctorate degree in teaching and learning with a science emphasis. Smith has earned several awards throughout her time teaching in the elementary education field, including a grant from BYU to support her work in preparing teachers in the use of scientific inquiry in the classroom. She is able to take teachers on site to implement projects and experience the excitement of scientific discovery. Smith describes her rank advancement compared to her other achievements: "Although it is always difficult to make comparisons between experiences we have in our lives because they are all so very different, I feel a sense of accomplishment."

27 August 2008