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Homecoming 2008 Events at the McKay School

The 2008 BYU Homecoming week featured the first McKay School of Education alumni gathering held Saturday, October 11th in the Garden Court of the Wilkinson Student Center. Shauna Valentine, McKay School Alumni College Director, along with the co-chairs of the event, Phyllis Bestor and Annette Evans, and members of the McKay School Alumni Board, designed the event around the interests of alumni, faculty, and friends of the school. Activities included visiting with former classmates and professors, learning about current McKay School programs and research, receiving gifts, winning prizes, and enjoying refreshments. It was a memorable gathering, previewing additional gatherings to follow during future homecoming celebrations.

Alumni were updated on several current programs and some recent research of the McKay School by watching a video showing a sampling of filmed events. The A.R.T.S. Partnership, Side-by-Side Teaching, the first adolescent literacy conference, the Mentored Research Conference, student research/service in Uganda, a Washington D.C. ribbon-cutting event, and the Leadership Preparation Program were highlighted.

Phyllis Bestor entertained and delighted McKay School Alumni as she reminisced about teaching, talked about her former students, and described a lifetime of the kinds of service that teachers perform. During story breaks, Phyllis awarded door prizes to lucky ticket holders.

Also during homecoming activities, faculty, staff and alumni honored one of their own, Kristen Cox, class of 1995, as they invited her to return to the campus to present the honored alumni lecture during homecoming week. An overflow audience was intrigued and inspired by her presentation.You can -->view the entire presentation--> on the McKay School Web site.

Watch for information for next year's Homecoming 2009 Alumni Gathering on the McKay Web site at or in the spring 2009 McKay Today.

McKay School Alumni Board Members
Recognition and Activities Committee (Homecoming) Phyllis Bestor, Co-chair Annette Evans, Co-chair Bob Gentry Betsy Ferguson Professional Development Committee (Literacy Conference) Gary Seastrand, Chair Nedra Call Kestin Mattinson Brenda Hales Vicci Gappmayer Stan Harward
Additional Literacy Conference Committee Members: Tiffany Hall Joyce Terry Steven Baugh John Childs Web Site Committee John Wilkinson, Chair Ron Bingham
Chapters Committee Rose Marie Smith Linde Safsten Wong Marie Tuttle Charles Graham

3 November 2008