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Christopher Dromey Becomes New ComD Department Chair

McKay School of Education Dean K. Richard Young announced the appointment of Christopher Dromey, a professor in the Department of Communication Disorders, as the department’s new chair. Dromey, who has taught at BYU since 2000, looks forward to serving in a new capacity. “I am profoundly grateful to our past department chair, David McPherson,” Dromey said. “He has been so helpful and has really set the tone within the department. To take over from someone so experienced gives me pause.” Dromey explained how his colleagues have consistently supported him as well.

Dromey is interested in fostering collaboration and reconciliation if issues arise. “I think I have the ability to see both sides of conflicts and issues,” he added. He explained that his two-year service as chair of the university’s institutional review board helped him strengthen his ability to empathize with people, even when he does not agree with them.

Dromey understands that chairing a department will involve a lot of learning. “I am very willing to learn,” he stated. “I am respectful of the Dean and his associates, and am looking forward to learning from them.” He expressed his passion for the work of the department. “I am keen to see our department continue to improve in teaching and scholarship.”

During his term of service, Dromey does not plan to drop any of the courses he teaches. “I am very interested in teaching, and really enjoy it,” he stated. “Teaching is one of the reasons why I became a professor. Even though I now have more administrative responsibilities, I am not willing to give up any teaching. It is the fun of the job.” He stressed that he learns a great deal from his students and wishes to foster a community of learning where all can progress together. “We as professors do not simply dispense containers of facts,” he explained. “I learn so many great things from my students.”

If any sacrifice of work is to be made, Dromey says that he will have fewer hours available for his research projects. He explained, “The [number] of projects may not be as ambitious, but it is a sacrifice that is part of what I came here for.” He explained that a professor must achieve a balance between teaching, scholarship, and service. Sometimes a professor may lean a little more toward one than another, but there is ultimately a balance.

Dromey expressed his dedication to BYU and to its students, faculty, and administration. He looks forward to his service as department chair.

21 September 2009