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IP&T Graduate Winners Announced

The IP&T Department announced the Student Award winners at this year’s Graduate Seminar. The winners and their awards were presented as follows:

Outstanding Student Researcher:  John Hilton III

Outstanding Teacher Assistants: Anne Makin and Julie Burningham

Outstanding Master’s Student: Daniel Randall

This is the first year the IP&T Department presented student awards to graduate students. Faculty in the department nominated student candidates who exemplified outstanding achievement in and outside of the classroom, then voted on recipients for each award.

The Outstanding Student Researcher Award was designed to highlight a student’s research both in quantitative and qualitative measures. Faculty analyzed the significance of students’ published research, as well as the amount of research published. John Hilton III received this award for publishing 7 articles this year, including his article, “Free: Why Authors are Giving Books Away on the Internet,” which was published in TechTrends and featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Outstanding Teacher Assistants Award was created to highlight graduate students’ success as teachers of undergraduate courses. This award was given to two graduate students, Anne Makin and Julie Birmingham, as a co-award for their excellent student ratings and their success in developing greater structured and creative teaching units in the IP&T 301 course.

Because the other two awards tend to gravitate more toward doctoral students, faculty agreed on creating an Outstanding Master’s Student Award to focus more on the overall quality work of a master’s student. This year’s award went to Daniel Randall who demonstrated an overall successful year in designing instruction, research, and quality projects. After receiving the award, Randall commented, “I was shocked and humbled as the list of things I’d done throughout the year was read back to me at the awards ceremony. I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish with the help and guidance of faculty mentors.” Randall plans to earn his Ph.D. after finishing his master’s degree next year.

IP&T faculty member Rick West remarked, “We’re really excited for our winners. Along with the rest of the IP&T faculty, I feel these students represent the department well and add even greater quality to it.”

28 June 2010