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Timothy Smith Appointed as New Chair of CPSE Department

Timothy Smith Appointed as New Chair of CPSE Department

The Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education is experiencing a time of transition as Mary Anne Prater, who has served as chair for 7 and a half years, steps down and a new chair, Timothy Smith, moves into the position.

“Mary Anne Prater is irreplaceable,” Smith says. “She has run the department extremely smoothly and set in place a very tight and organized structure. She is also widely respected across the university. All of us are very grateful for her service.”

Prater admitted that because the CPSE faculty has reached many of the department goals, she hopes Smith will take the department even further with a new and fresh perspective. “I am excited to see where he takes us,” she said.

At the end of the 2010 school year, Dean Richard Young announced to CPSE faculty that Mary Anne Prater had completed her term as department chair and that a committee would be conducting an internal search for a new one. All faculty members then expressed their opinions regarding the search to a committee consisting of Young, associate dean Barbara Culatta, and three members of the department. After considering the names submitted, the committee selected Timothy Smith to serve as chair.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and to continue to work with my colleagues,” Smith said. “I enjoy being with them. I look forward to growing with them over the next three years in this role.”

For part of the first year Smith will serve the CPSE faculty from a distance, since he recently received a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research and teach in a master’s program in counseling psychology at Uganda Christian University. Prater will serve as assistant chair to the department over the next year until Smith returns full time in August of 2011.

In considering a possible direction that the department can move in addition to the good things that have already happened through Prater’s service, Smith says, “I feel impressed to emphasize the importance of integrating spirituality and the Gospel of Jesus Christ into our teaching, our scholarship efforts, and our service here at Brigham Young University.”

18 October 2010