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Julie Cloward Recognized with Employee Award

Competency, integrity, teamwork, respect and accountability are just a few of the values that BYU employees agree to live by. At this year’s University Conference during the college meetings, Julie Cloward was acknowledged for demonstrating these values with a Staff and Administrative Employee Recognition (SAER) Award. Throughout the year employees are nominated for this award by co-workers in their own or other departments, supervisors, or faculty members.

For nearly 25 years Cloward has served in the McKay School of Education overseeing the technical services provided to students and professors. “Julie's service and direct influence serve as a model for all of us who engage in professional service,” said Assistant Dean Al Merkley. “She is entirely committed to the well-being of those she serves.”

Cloward earned a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in public administration from BYU. She then accepted a full-time position with the audio-visual technology lab in the McKay School of Education and has been working there ever since. In particular, she has overseen the renovation of the TEC (Technology Education Computer) Lab, making the technology more accessible to students and faculty. TED faculty member Janet Losser nominated Cloward for the SAER award after a particularly meaningful experience, of which Losser wrote,

"I was working on a project for a presentation at a conference in Chicago. I asked Julie if it would be possible to insert videos of students actually talking about their experiences on the topic, and she responded, “I would be happy to help you with that project.” She pulled out her calendar and set up times when she would gather the videos of the students. As we began to put it all together, we were having difficulty making it work on my computer. She spent hours figuring out the problem and making it work. Because of her proactive approach and her problem solving skills, I was able to take a last minute project and turn it into a very successful presentation. Nobody deserves this award more than she does. Some people are successful in life because of their refined skills and others because of their disposition. Julie has mastered the art of both, and we are lucky to have her in our building."

Over the years Losser has noticed particularly how the students under Cloward’s leadership develop a great respect for their employer. “She has a way of teaching them principles of high quality work through her example without lecturing or taking a negative approach,” said Losser.

Juliana Thong, a graphics design student who has worked under Cloward for two years, said Cloward is an outstanding employer. “She is very approachable and caring. I never felt scared to talk to her or collaborate,” said Thong. “She creates a very welcoming environment that makes work not feel like work.”

Fellow employee Chad Losser feels the same way. “She never hesitates to provide help to anyone in any way she can,” he said. “I’ve never heard anything negative come from her. Everyone who meets Julie leaves happier than they were before.”

The SAER Award highlights Cloward’s outstanding reputation as a BYU faculty member and colleague. As Merkley added, “Julie brightens your day and never says, ’I can’t help you.’ She deserves this award–that and so much more.”

29 August 2011