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Aspiring Principals Academy Helps Teachers Make Career Decisions

The Aspiring Principals Academy was created to give teachers who are considering administration some in-depth experience with the roles and responsibilities of a principal. “It allows teachers to see if administration is a direction they want to take with their career,” said Mike Pratt, who is in charge of the APA program.


In September of 2014, APA met for the first time. A panel of principals from surrounding school districts shared stories about their decisions to go into administration. They answered questions that enabled interested teachers to better understand what it’s like being a principal every day. Topics included the required time commitment outside of school, specific duties of a principal, and ways to obtain a job as a principal.

A second meeting took place in December, in which participants heard from the director of special education in Nebo School District, J. Lynn Jones, who presented on The Influencer. Garrick Peterson, principal of Lakeridge Junior High School in Orem, who is an expert on professional learning communities (PLCs), also presented at the meeting. “This opportunity allowed for participants to get engaged and understand what PLCs are like,” Pratt said.

In the meeting earlier this month, two superintendents were featured. “We had the opportunity to hear from Patrice Johnson, superintendent of the Jordan School District, and hear her perspective on being a woman in administration,” Pratt said.

James Briscoe, currently superintendent of Canyons School District, shared his experiences as a superintendent in Chicago.

The Aspiring Principals Academy enables those who are interested in pursuing administration to become familiar with the lifestyle, challenges, and benefits of being a principal. The application deadline for these information-filled meetings is May 30, 2015.