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From Teaching to Administration


many beginning a new phase of school, Kip Carlson started his master’s program unsure if this direction was right for him. “During my first day of class, I was overcome by the Spirit letting me know that I was supposed to be here,” Carlson said. “I knew then that this master's program would provide me with a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and lead as the Savior would.”

Carlson is participating in the Leadership Preparation Program at the McKay School, where he is working towards a master’s in educational leadership. Attending BYU became a goal for Kip Carlson when he was very young. “My dad played football at BYU, and I always wanted to attend BYU one day,” Carlson said. “The fact that I am actually here for grad school is a dream come true.”

Carlson was born in Bear Lake, Idaho, where his parents both taught school. His dad was the football and basketball coach at the local high school. Becoming a teacher and administrator seemed to be a natural career path for Carlson, since, as he acknowledged, spending lots of time at a high school is nothing new for him. His father is now a superintendent in Utah.

Carlson was drawn to the McKay School because of its reputation amongst practicing administrators; the district he was working in had placed LPP graduates in their district the first year that they completed the program. He was also impressed with the experience the program provides, including almost 1,200 hours of internship time.

Carlson had plans to apply for assistant principal positions at the end of the 2014–2015 school year; however, in October he was hired as the assistant principal of Brighton High School. “I was pleasantly surprised when I got an interview for an assistant principal position,” Carlson said. “I have been working there for two months now, and it has been an amazing experience and a huge financial blessing for my family.”

Carlson believes that the LPP and all of the professors who are part of it have prepared him for his job at Brighton High. “They focus on what is important and beneficial for future administrators,” Carlson said. “I've already had some special experiences at Brighton High that related directly to things I learned at BYU.”

Carlson feels he has benefited from this program and from the McKay School in very important ways. Not only has he developed the skills needed to succeed in administration, but he has gained through the LPP important future networking opportunities. Many of his fellow LPP graduates are working in nearby school districts.

Carlson currently lives in Draper with his wife and four children.