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AECT presented Andy Gibbons with the J. Michael Spector Appreciation Award at the 2018 annual convention

Andy Gibbons, who served as the chair of the Instructional Psychology and Technology Department (IP&T) in the David O. McKay School of Education from 2004-2014, was recognized this fall with the prestigious J. Michael Spector Appreciation Award at the 2018 annual convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).

Andy at the award ceremony
Gibbons receiving the J. Michael Spector Appreciation Award. Photo courtesy of Richard West.

Prior to his time as a professor at Utah State University and then as chair of the IP&T Department, Gibbons worked for 18 years in industry. Some of his work included designing the training for missile maintenance technicians, airline pilots, and employees of large corporations. Gibbons also directed training design projects for four military services and the Boy Scouts of America.

The J. Michael Spector Award recognizes AECT members who have provided exemplary long-term service and leadership to AECT. The award was created to honor past AECT president, J. Michael Spector, in recognition of his extraordinary commitment, leadership, and service to the organization.

“I hope to be deserving of [the award],” said Gibbons. “It’s an ‘atta-boy’ from my friends, with whom I’ve worked and served.”

“I’ve tried to keep my eye on the far horizon and be innovative in the field,” Gibbons explained. “We need to move beyond the wisdom of the past in secular studies, and innovate without completely discarding the wisdom of the past.”

Andy Gibbons
Courtesy of BYU ScholarsArchive.

Gibbons’ book, An Architectural Approach to Instructional Design, is an encapsulation of his theories about instructional design. In it, he outlines an architectural approach to design new to his field of IP&T.

Gibbons and his wife are now service missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, working with BYU–Pathway Worldwide.

“You have to prepare yourself to give service,” said Gibbons. “You need to have something to give other people that they can’t give themselves.”

As Gibbons looks to the future, he advises rising professionals and BYU students to, “Be curious, and ask questions.”

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You can also watch an interview with Gibbons, view his BYU Devotional address, or learn from his IP&T Seminar given in 2017.


Writer: Jake Gulisane
Contact: Cindy Glad (801) 422-1922