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April 2020 Message From the Dean's Office

Who knew four weeks ago as we were engaged with Jennifer Adair’s Benjamin Cluff Jr. Lecture that all group gatherings like this lecture would soon be canceled at the university?

Who knew three weeks ago listening to Steven M. Sandberg’s devotional talk that the forums and devotionals in the Marriott Center would be canceled for now?

Who knew two weeks ago as we were planning for remote learning and adjusting to Zoom meetings for the rest of winter semester, that spring term would also be delivered remotely?

I certainly didn’t know. But I have a testimony that the Lord knew. He has prepared us in many ways for this time. He has blessed us with technology to continue our work remotely, with the ability to study the gospel every Sunday in our homes, and with medical knowledge and technology so that the pandemic isn’t worse than it is. 

Although we’ve been blessed, it hasn’t been easy. Most McKay School employees are working from home and/or teaching classes from home. We have had to learn new skills, and our typical routine has been interrupted. For those who have school-aged children at home, it’s an even bigger challenge. I applaud your attitudes, fortitude, and flexibility in getting through these difficult times. I have heard expressions of concern, but I haven’t heard complaints. We’re in this together and we’ll not only survive, but we also have the capacity to thrive.

As directed by our prophet, we just completed a Sabbath day of fasting and praying. Continue the pattern of demonstrating faith, fasting, praying, and expressing gratitude and hope in the Lord. The Lord loves us. He wants to bless us. I can testify that the day of miracles has not ceased!

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Mary Anne Prater


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