April 2022 Employee Spotlight: Heidi Holmes Erickson

Q. Where are you from?

A. I grew up primarily in Utah, but had the opportunity to move many times across the country. Before coming to BYU, I was living in Atlanta, Georgia.


Q. What and where have you studied?

A. I received my bachelor’s degree in political science from BYU and my PhD in education policy from the University of Arkansas.


Q. Where have you previously worked?

A. Prior to coming to BYU, I was a visiting assistant professor at Kennesaw State University.


Q. Why did you choose to work at BYU?

A. BYU is truly unique in its focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with colleagues and students who are striving to become disciples of Christ. 


Q. What do you regret not starting or doing when you were younger?

A. It’s cliché, but I regret quitting piano lessons. Fortunately, my husband plays the piano, so hopefully our kids will pick it up and stick with it!


Q. What was the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?

A. I wanted to be a party planner and chef. Even now I want to be with people and eat good food!


Q. Do you collect anything?

A. I collect plates. I have a wall in my house where I hang plates from places I have traveled, that I found at thrift stores, and that are from my grandparents. My favorite plates are from my great-grandparents’ wedding china.


Q. Where could we find you on most Saturday mornings?

A. I am usually making breakfast with my girls and listening to music.


Q. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

A. Any place with good food. We find restaurants we want to visit and then plan vacations around the food.


Q. What is one thing you can’t live without?

A. Sleep. We have two young kids, so sleep is elusive around our house. I dream of a time where we sleep through the night.