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McKay School special education mas­ter's degree students can now take the required course work to meet eligibil­ity standards for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam.

The program has added a verified course sequence for the certifica­tion. Students can take the required course work to meet one of the eligibility stan­dards required to sit for the BCBA exam and thereby enter the growing field of applied behavior analysts (ABAs).

This highly sought-after certification opens new doors for master's students with any bachelor's degree, but it is most beneficial for those with related degrees.

The degree program is specially designed for school professionals but can accommodate clinical profession­als as well. During the school year the classes are held at night, and in the summer the classes are offered in the daytime. This means students can get ahead of the curve while they continue their regular work.

The sequence is completed over the course of the master's degree—it does not require any additional schooling.

With a BCBA certification, teachers can make themselves more marketable to employers or engage in an indepen­dent consulting role. ABAs can work with families in a therapist role, provide services for adults with autism, or work with schools.

The range of possibilities with this certification is wide and flexible, providing a great opportunity for special education master's students to further their skill set.

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