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Communications Disorders

Bonnie Wilson LucidoBonnie Lucido’s life has been filled with service in many different areas. “I’ve been given opportunities and blessings all my life,” she said. She feels she has been where she was supposed to be to experience those opportunities. She spent 20 years at BYU in communication disorders and special education, retiring in 1999.

Bonnie received her bachelor’s degree from BYU in audiology and speech therapy before beginning her work in Nebo School District. After earning her master’s degree, she helped to set up a residential treatment and research program working with children who had communication disorders that interfered with their learning. The program was housed in Springville, Utah, but participants came from several surrounding counties. Many other programs followed.

Bonnie continued her studies at the University of Iowa, then worked with young children in Iowa who had unintelligible speech and parents who thought them mentally challenged. All the children taught by Bonnie’s methods were understandable by the time they entered kindergarten.

Through centers, agencies, and grants, Bonnie has also trained parents as well as doctors and their staffs to work with children with various disabilities. She taught parents how to become advocates for the rights of those with disabilities. Through the years she has seen laws passed to cover all children.

Upon returning to Utah, she earned her PhD from the University of Utah. She worked at the Utah State Development Center before coming to BYU. She has been active in the Utah Speech-Language and Hearing Association and has served as president of that organization.

Throughout the years she has worked with children with all types and levels of special needs. When she has seen a problem, she hasn’t accepted the limitation but has looked for ways to overcome the difficulty.

“I saw many miracles with children who didn’t have a chance,” she said.

She became a champion for those who others thought could not perform nor learn.

Since retiring, Bonnie has been involved in the same good work, helping children with special needs locally and abroad. She served a Latter-day Saint mission in New Jersey and now works in the temple and in the life skills class at Pleasant Grove High School once a week. Bonnie is the mother of five children.