Why Do We Care about Branding?

BYU has felt the need to clarify our branding for many years. In 2017 the university began more focused efforts to improve and unify work. In 2019 BYU hired the Chicago-based marketing firm Lipman Hearne to assist and formed a campus-wide brand advisory board. The McKay School is continuing to work with them. 


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What Research Has Been Done?

For more than three years now we've worked with Lipman Hearne on focus groups, surveys, and analysis. This revealed gaps in how various groups perceived us and how we want to be perceived. 

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What Have We Learned?

Key themes and obstacles were identified. This helps us know where to focus ongoing work.

Branding 5Branding 6How Can This Be Applied to My Work? 

You can help with branding as you better understand the issues at play. Do what you can to strengthen our unique mission. 

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What's Next?

Our McKay School external relations office is continuing to work with Lipman Hearne on focus groups, surveys, and analysis. We're implementing narratives with different groups and taking care to strengthen our mission in every interaction.