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The most anticipated day of their college careers has finally come!

The David O. McKay School of Education celebrated the newest class of graduates during today’s graduation ceremonies. There was a total of 228 graduates, with 156 earning bachelor’s degrees, 9 earning educational specialist degrees, 41 earning master’s degrees, and 22 earning doctorates.

“What a great day and what a lovely sight you are,” associate dean Lynnette B. Erickson said at the beginning of her convocation address.

Erickson, who has worked at BYU for 24 years, spoke on increasing in knowledge and wisdom throughout one’s life. Graduation is not the end—but the start of a new beginning to further wisdom and increased capacity.

“Today you are ready to move on to a new beginning,” Erickson said. “You will make great contributions wherever you are. . . . Watch where you are going, move forward, and above all—be wise.”

Those in attendance were also privileged to hear from graduates Stacey Freeman and Anne Graffe Riboldi.

Freeman, who earned a master’s degree in teacher education, spoke on losing one’s life and finding it through teaching. With references to Jesus Christ, the Apostle Peter, and Martha and Mary, Freeman concluded, “I feel a little closer to understanding how to lose my life and live it more abundantly as a result of the education I have received here, a second time, at BYU.”

Riboldi earned her bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in severe special education. She spoke of the initial struggle of elementary school and how failure was one of her ultimate teachers, followed by the support of her mother and the persistence of her third-grade teacher, Frau Welck.

“So why do I tell this story? There are two reasons. The first is to point out the incredible, life-changing power we have as teachers. The second is to point out how we can and will continue to learn,” Riboldi said.

Following the convocation, graduates, family, and friends proceeded to the open-house reception for light refreshments. Over 400 people were in attendance.

A copy of Lynnette Erickson’s speech will be posted shortly.

August 12, 2016

Writer: Megan Bahr

Contact: Shauna Valentine (801) 422-8562