2004 Honored Alumnus of the Mckay School of Education

Clayton Brough

Clayton Brough, the 2004 Honored Alumnus of the McKay School of Education, is an author, KTVX Channel 4 News climatologist, and full-time teacher of journalism and geography at Eisenhower Junior High in Taylorsville, Utah. In May he received the good news that his non-Hodgkins lymphoma is in remission. 

Whether it’s on the air, in the classroom, or concerning a personal crisis, Brough has a positive attitude, a zest for living, and a great reverence for life. “Better learning really starts when your students know you love what you’re doing. If you want to be a successful teacher, then dream big, work hard, and pray often.”

He and his wife, Ethel, have four children and live in West Valley, Utah.