BYU McKay School professor Ellie Young, from the Counseling Psychology and Special Education Department, was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Utah Association of School Psychologists (UASP) on Friday, November 12. In order to qualify for such an award, Young demonstrated outstanding service to the profession by dedicating twenty years of mentorship to school psychologists in training. The UASP described Young as “an absolute titanness of the Utah School Psychology field.”

The school psychology program for which Young works is a three-year graduate-level program that prepares students to work as school psychologists in K–12 schools. School psychologists create and facilitate safe learning environments for students by providing social-emotional support systems that help them meet their learning and behavioral needs. In order for these systems to be effective, psychologists collaborate with students’ families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals. “Basically, school psychologists are superheroes (like all educators) who support youth to reach their potential.” says Young. 

Upon receiving the award, Young said, “I’m incredibly humbled to be nominated and [to have] received the award from UASP. School psychologists do amazing work to meet the needs of children and youth.”

“Every day I am grateful to learn from really smart, insightful, and kind colleagues and students,” says Young.

Writer: Amy Cook
Contact: Cindy Glad
Photography courtesy of Ellie Young