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Students meet with education professionals to prepare for entry into their field.

Dinner with a Principal is a chance for education students to get real-world feedback on what is happening in the field of education currently and how they can prepare to enter that field upon graduation. Professional educators and prospective teachers come together for an evening of networking, conversation, and some great food in order to help the students prepare for their future as educators.

For the first time since its inception, there was no keynote speaker at the event. The evening was devoted entirely to the interaction of the educational professionals and the students. During the course of the evening, students were invited to move between tables if they wanted to interact with different professionals.

“It was a comfortable environment where I was able to make connections for my future career,” said Brianne Baugh, a senior majoring in elementary education.

The night opened with a welcome from Shauna Valentine, the McKay School public relations/alumni director, and Al Merkley, the assistant dean of the McKay School of Education. The event is sponsored by the McKay School of Education Alumni Society, and members of the governing board, along with local principals and administrators, provided information, perspectives, and suggestions to the attendees.

Baugh said that she “would recommend this event to any education majors who are approaching their internship/student teaching because of the opportunity to network and become familiar with administrators.”

Writer: Collin Smith

Contact: Shauna Valentine (801) 422-8562