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Faculty Accomplishments—April 2021


Cutrer-Párraga, E. A.Heath, M. A., & Caldarella, P. (2021). Navigating early childhood teachers’ initial resistance to literacy coaching in diverse rural schools. Early Childhood Education Journal, 49, 37-47.

Kelly, L. B., Wakefield, W., Caires-Hurley, J., Kganetso, L. W., Moses, L., & Baca, E. (2021). What is culturally informed literacy instruction? A review of research in P-5 contexts. Journal of Literacy Research, 53(1), 75-99.


Bowles, B. W. (2021, January). Teacher Evaluations. Grow Your Own, Phi Delta Kappa, Virtual.  


Douglas R. Allen (CITES), program coordinator for the BYU ARTS Partnership, is the recipient of the 2020 Sorenson Legacy Award in Exemplary Arts Education Administration, given by the Utah State Board of Education. Douglas also just received the LifeTime Achievement Award in the field of Art Education for 2020-2021 from the Utah Art Education Association. 

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