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Jason McDonald (IP&T) won the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Design & Technology Outstanding Design Case Award for his article “Designing for Informal Learning: The Case of a Mobile E-Reader.” His article was independently scored by a number of experts, and it scored the highest among the nominees. 

The National Association of Professional Development Schools presented the BYU–Public School Partnership with the national award for “Exemplary Partnership.”


Beth Cutrer, CPSE, and David Boren, EdLF, were the faculty mentors behind the McKay School's 3MT winners. You can watch them compete again at the university-wide 3Mt competition on March 12. May the most concise win! 

1st Place: Caitlin Cotten, CPSE, "Individualized Experience, Individualized Help"
2nd Place: Chelsey Lemmon, CPSE, "Treating the Spectrum"
3rd Place: Anne Dallin, EDLF, "A Whole New World!: Modern Student Engagement in the Classroom"

Five women smiling next to a poster.
From left to right: Anne Dallin, Dean Prater, Caitlin Cotten, Chelsey Lemmon, and Tina Taylor.