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Faculty Accomplishments—October 2020


Hallam, P. R., Brown, S. D., Chan, P., & Bills, J. B*. (2019). Navigating the new Silk Road: Eastern vs. western perspectives on trust development in Chinese education. World Studies in Education, 20(1), 25–43. 

Kellems, R.O.Charlton, C.; Kversøy, K.S.; Győri, M. (2020). Exploring the use of virtual characters (avatars), live animation, and augmented reality to teach social skills to individuals with autism. Multimodal Technologies Interact, 4, 48. 

Kversøy, K. S., Kellems, R. O., Alhassan, A. K., Bussey, H. C., & Kversøy, S. D. (2020). The emerging promise of touchscreen devices for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Multimodal Technologies Interact, 4(4), 70.  


Pierce, J. L.*, Tanner, K., Merrill, R. M., Shnowske, L.*, & Roy, N. A (2020, October 23–24). A field-based approach to acoustic normative data for female voices [Poster presentation]. Fall Voice Conference (Virtual). (Received the virtual poster award; 3 awarded from 39 posters.)