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Faculty Accomplishments—October 2021


Kversøy, K., Alhassan, A. R., Kellems, R., Kversøy, S., & Cusworth, Z. (2021). Doing and Talking: People with Intellectual Disabilities’ Handling of Challenges of Remote Communication. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 1-12. 

Morris, J. R., Dexter, D. D., & Hunter, W. (2021). Using guided practice for students with EBD within explicit instruction. Beyond Behavior, 30(2), 64–71.

Morris, J. R., Hughes, E. M., Stocker, J. D., & *Davis, E. S. (2021). Using video modeling, explicit instruction, and augmented reality to teach mathematics to students with disabilities. Learning Disability Quarterly, Advance online publication.