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Faculty Accomplishments—September 2020


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Cally Flox, BYU ARTS Partnership, presented at the National Conference for Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students. She presented ideas from her book, Teachers’ Guide to Resiliency Through the Arts. She also delivered the keynote address to the Utah Advisory Council for Theater Teachers annual conference. 


Garrett Cardon, ComD, received a loan repayment grant from the pediatric division of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. As a recipient, Cardon will conduct research that benefits children with disabilities. His research currently focuses on sensory abnormalities in people with autism spectrum disorder.   

Christopher Dromey, ComD, was awarded the ASHA 2020 Fellowship of the Association, one of the highest honors of his field.    

Kristine Tanner, ComD, recently won two awards: the Early Career Scholarship Award for the 2020 University Conference and the Scholarship Award from the BYU Faculty Women's Association. 


Roni Jo Draper, TEd, became board president of the ACLU of Utah earlier this year. Draper has served on the board for three and a half years. 

Heather Francis, BYU ARTS Partnership, was named chair-elect of the USA chapter of the Dance and the Child International (daCi). daCi (DAY-see) focuses on the right of every child to dance and focuses on providing cross-cultural experiences for children across the globe to create, learn, and perform dance together.  
Lee Robinson, ComD, was named president-elect to BYU’s Faculty Women’s Association. She will serve on the board for three years.

During the last school year, Cally Flox and Heather Francis launched the “Arts for Life Utah” initiative in collaboration with the Utah Art Education Association, the Utah Music Educators Association, the Utah Dance Education Organization, and the Utah Advisory Council of Theatre Teacher to strengthen their collective voice for the social and emotional benefits of arts education in schools. Presidents of each organization joined together at the annual conference of each organization to give a workshop for arts educators across the state.