Faculty Accomplishments—September 2021


Allen, G. E. K., Norton, A.*, Johnson, D.*, Bunker, B.*, & Pulsipher, S.* (2021). I worry that I am almost perfect! Examining relationships of perfectionism, scrupulosity, intrinsic spirituality, and psychological wellbeing among Latter-day Saints. Spirituality in Clinical Practice. Advance online publication.

Caldarella, P., Larsen, R. A. A., Williams, L., & Wills, H. P. (2021). Effects of middle school teachers' praise-to-reprimand ratios on students’ classroom behavior. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions. Advance online publication.

Caldarella, P., Larsen, R. A. A., Williams, L., Wills, H. P., & Wehby, J. H. (2021). “Stop doing that!”: Effects of teacher reprimands on student disruptive behavior and engagement. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 23(3), 163-173.

Kane, D.*, Allen, G. E. K., Ming, M., Smith, T.B.Jackson, A., Griner, D., Cutrer-Parraga, E. & Richards, P.S. (2021). Forgiveness and gratitude as mediators between religious commitment and well-Being among Latter-day Saint Polynesian Americans. Mental Health, Religion & Culture.

Masuda, A., Allen, G. E. K., Liu, C, & Tully, E. C. (2021). The role of self-concealment and perceived racial/ethnic discrimination in general psychological distress among racial and ethnic minority college students. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling.


Hee, C.*, Chandler, K., Delirio, J.*, Semu, E.*, Conklin, H., Allen, G. E. K. (2021, August). The association between ethnic identity, self-esteem, and mental health for Polynesians. Presented (virtually) at the 2021 APA Convention, San Diego, CA.

Norton, A.*, Tanner, E.*, Semu, E.*, & Allen, G. E. K. (2021, August). Does Ethnic Identity Mediate the Relationship Between Stigma & Life Satisfaction for Polynesian Americans? Presented (virtually) at the 2021 APA Convention, San Diego, CA.


Kathryn L. Cabbage (ComD) is the recipient of the Early Career Teaching Award from BYU. 

Tyson Harmon (ComD) is the recipient of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ASHA) 2021 Advancing Academic-Research (AARC) Award.

Heather Krieger (TEd) is the recipient of the President's Appreciation Award from BYU.

Ellie L. Young (CPSE) is the recipient of the Steven M. Rose Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellowship from BYU. 


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