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Master’s student Megan Steinberg has found spiritual strength in the Leadership Preparation Program

One of the aims of BYU is to spiritually strengthen individuals and students like Megan Steinberg, who is currently in the McKay School Leadership Preparation Program. Steinberg embodies that aim. When she returned to BYU for a master’s degree, she felt the influence of the Spirit all along the way.

Many teachers transition to administration to make a difference on a larger scale. While this is true for Steinberg, the decision was influenced by the Spirit more than anything else.

“It was an answer to prayer,” Steinberg said. “I'm not sure what my future will look like, but I know that I am supposed to be in this program at this time.”

Steinberg feels she has been blessed by her time in the program.

“Before starting this program, I was struggling with feeling the Spirit on a daily basis,” Steinberg said. “During my first term, I drove down to BYU four days a week. While this was a sacrifice of time, it provided me with an added dose of the Spirit each of those days. When personal trials come, I feel strength through my relationships with my cohort friends, professors, and those I have met in my internship.”

The unique blend of gospel and academics at BYU has also been influential to Steinberg.

“The Gospel is such a large part of my life,” Steinberg said. “I appreciate being reminded of the atonement, the love of our Heavenly Father, and [the knowledge of] eternal families while I study professional learning communities, organizational theory, and educational policy.”

Balancing a rigorous school schedule with other parts of life can be challenging, but Steinberg has managed to find ways to stay ahead.

“I have had moments of exhaustion that I haven't ever experienced before,” Steinberg said. “I try to focus on the good, better, and best activities.”

Steinberg has also found ways for her schooling to benefit her church calling in her ward’s Young Women’s presidency.

“Because of the lateness of our classes, I am unable to attend our weeknight activities,” Steinberg said. “I work hard to help and support in other ways. I am able to share the importance of education, dedication, and hard work with our girls."

Steinberg graduated from BYU in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. For eight years, she taught sixth grade at Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills, Utah. After that, she taught fifth and sixth grades at Pony Express Elementary in Eagle Mountain, Utah, for three years.

Steinberg has lived in Utah since 2000 but is originally from Bloomington, Illinois. She has seven nieces and nephews and she loves to read, watch movies, camp, and travel.

Writer: Kirsten Clancy

Contact: Cynthia Glad (801) 422-1922