Granite District Compliance Director Remains Optimistic During Pandemic

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Description automatically generatedAaron Wilson, EdD ’19, director of organizational effectiveness for Granite School District, knows that remaining optimistic and innovative during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential. That’s why he’s still applying a personal touch to his work of ensuring that schools are focusing on their school improvement plans and complying with the requirements of state and federal funding sources.

Wilson oversees funding from sources such as Title I, the School Learning and Nurturing Development (LAND) Trust program, and the Teacher and Student Success Act Program (TSSA). He also helps schools stay in compliance with the requirements of these funding sources and work on their school improvement plans.

The pandemic has affected a lot of the work that needs to be done in school systems, including district office positions, but Wilson still values person-to-person interactions, even though those school visits may look a little different now than they did a year ago. “For me, especially with my Title I schools, I'll still do in-person support visits so I can troubleshoot with principals how they can effectively plan and use their resources in light of the pandemic.” Wilson has been the director for a little over a year now, and visiting schools is something that he enjoys. “I love going in schools and seeing how the planning and budgeting is coming into fruition. That's my favorite part.” 

Making those visits requires additional planning in the current environment, but Wilson remains optimistic, saying that the pandemic “has given cause and opportunity for more brainstorming. It's been enhancing some collaboration. We’ve been thinking of ways to adjust our planning and spending to meet needs of families that are greater now than in the past.”

Wilson credits some of his flexibility to his time as a student in the EdLF program and has been able to apply the skills he learned at BYU while working with principals during the pandemic, as innovation and flexibility are increasingly important to success and continued progress. “One of the main takeaways from the program was being [a] critical consumer of research and filtering out good ideas from bad ideas,” said Wilson. 

The world is changing quickly, but Aaron Wilson is ready to help schools change with it.

Writer: Camille Ladd
Contact: Cynthia Glad 801-422-1922