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Khristen Massic is a current EdLF student striving to obtain two master’s degrees to support teachers

Khristen Massic and her family.
Khristen Massic with her family. 

The more degrees, the merrier. Khristen Massic always knew she wanted to continue learning, but didn’t know her life plan would entail two master’s degrees. 

While Massic was finishing her thesis for her master’s in technology, she attended the Aspiring Principals Academy. It was there she decided that she wanted to pursue a second master’s degree in school leadership.

“My favorite thing about the program has been the excitement and passion that my colleagues feel about student learning and school leadership,” remarked Massic. 

With the aid of her degrees, Massic aspires to help teachers to reduce attrition. 

“One of my goals is to support teachers in increasing their capacity, whether it be as a teacher or as an administrator,” Massic said. “My career and technology education (CTE) background allows me to support and act as an advocate for CTE teachers.” 

Currently, Massic works at Nebo School District’s Advanced Learning Center, a magnet school that serves high school students within the Nebo School District boundaries in Salem, Utah. The main focus has been offering advanced courses that struggle to survive due to lack of enrollment at a single high school. However, these courses can thrive when students from five high schools have the option of attending.  

When the learning center opened six years ago, there was a total enrollment of about 200 students. Now, with the help of Massic and others, the enrollment is almost 700 students. 

Massic teaches the introduction to engineering design course, as well as the engineering capstone course. She also acts as a mentor for new teachers. 

When not working at the learning center or towards her second master’s degree, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and singing.


Writer: Janine Swart
Contact: Cindy Glad (801) 422-1922