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Two Scientists

Kristine Tanner, associate professor in the Department of Communication Disorders, recently received BYU’s Early Career Scholarship Award and the Faculty Women’s Association (FWA) 2020 Award for Scholarship. Both awards recognize Tanner’s dedication to research and accomplishments in academia. Tanner does research on airway problems, teaches in the McKay School, chairs the American Board of Voice and Upper Airway Disorders, consults at Salt Lake City’s Voice Disorders Center, and works with patients with voice problems.

The Early Career award was given to four faculty members who showed “outstanding promise and contributions in scholarship.” Tanner said, “I think it’s just such a tremendous honor, and I was really surprised.”

The FWA award recognizes female faculty members who make important contributions to their universities, communities, and the world. The FWA said of Tanner, “She is an excellent role model to both the faculty and students.”

Looking to the future, Tanner said, “I feel like there is so much work to be done in order for us to understand how to help people. The potential impact of this work is very far-reaching, which is very humbling.”