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A headshot of Lee Robinson
Photo courtesy of Bradley Slade

Lee Robinson, associate clinical professor and director of the BYU Speech and Language Clinic, is the newly elected president of the BYU Faculty Women’s Association (FWA). Robinson will serve three years: first as president-elect, second as president, and third as past president.

The FWA, part of Robinson’s career for most of her 21 years at BYU, works to improve the quality of professional life for faculty women and bring aware ness to gender issues. Robinson has served on the FWA board twice and for several years has also been part of the BYU Women Thrive initiative, which makes BYU more welcoming for women and people of color.

As president-elect, Robinson will plan FWA’s retreat, set to take place remotely in spring 2021. She hopes to continue conversations on diversity, discuss how faculty can mentor students from different backgrounds, and, to make it a true retreat, hold some sort of yoga class. 

“We’re trying to help women in various departments across campus feel like they have a community of women that they can go to and connect with,” she said.