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March 2021 Message from the Dean's Office

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Greetings! As we watch the early signs of spring, we recognize the promise of growth and rebirth. I feel alive with hope as I anticipate greening grass, budding trees, and growing animals, Bulbs planted long ago are now pushing up through the cold, hard ground to bless us with the beauty of spring flowers. I sense that the world is ready for a new beginning. 

Each spring, we choose a work of art by a high school student to display in the dean’s conference room. This year, Mike Leonard and I safely visited the Springville Museum of Art to enjoy the students’ creations. One of the highlights of my year was the opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of high school juniors and seniors. 

This year’s selection is a glass piece entitled Vulpes Vitrum by Kyri Forman, a senior at Timpanogos High School. I was impressed by Kyri’s statement about her portrayal of nature, color, and light:

The red fox is a well-known species whose fiery coat lights up in bright reds and oranges. These bright and beautiful colors seem to be as if light [is] shining through a brilliant stained glass window against a contrasting background. I chose to create this fox out of glass to portray that light. Fox’s bright colors act as a beacon of light and seem to contradict their dark, shadowy surroundings, yet fit so well in their environment. This is how I wish to be—to stand out as a beacon of light and color to those who are lost, yet to comfortably fit in with my surroundings, just like a red fox.

Glass piece of a red fox sitting on a dark ground surrounded by green plants

I’m inspired by this statement and by this art. Within the darkness of its surroundings, the fox reflects light for others.

When our world feels dark, we long for light: light in a room, the light from a concerned friend, the light of supportive family, the light of the sun, or the light of the Son. No matter what life brings, we always have the Savior who is the light of the world—the light that gives each of us life and allows us, like all living things, to grow.

As this spring begins, may you rejoice in light and growth, and may you enjoy “the earth [that] laughs in flowers” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

PS: When you feel safe to come to campus, make a detour on the second floor of the MCKB to enjoy pieces from Elicia Gray’s class at Lakeview Elementary School in Provo School District. This is the second class to be highlighted. We anticipate we will change the art once a year, taking turns to showcase a class from each of our five partnership districts.