Retiring from the Alumni Society
Marie Tuttle
Tuttle at the  McKay School's Homecoming event 2018

Marie Tuttle left a large footprint in the McKay School as well as in the McKay School alumni society where she served as board member and chair. Tuttle loved working as board chair, especially because she had the opportunity to work so closely with members of the board. She says, “The board members are some of the finest educators I know. It would be difficult to find a group of professionals with better stories of challenges, triumphs, and hilarious examples of students and teachers learning together.”

Tuttle became involved in the alumni board years ago when she was an associate dean for the McKay School at BYU. One of her assignments as dean was to represent the dean’s office on the alumni board. She said, “They were some of the finest teachers and administrators in the area. I enjoyed meeting with them and planning ways to strengthen the alumni connection to the McKay School of Education.” After she retired, she was invited to continue to serve on the board. Tuttle gladly accepted the offer because, “it is rejuvenating to work with people who have dedicated a good part of their lives to education and to making a difference for teachers and students.”

While speaking of her time as chair, Tuttle said, “Our goal was to simplify and to standardize some of the policies used by the board to host events and communicate with alumni, staff the board, and communicate effectively with the University Alumni Association.” A great example for Tuttle has been Bob Gentry, former alumni board chair. She says, “He provided an excellent example of how the McKay School Alumni Society can evolve and complement both the School of Education and the University Alumni Association.”

Tuttle has been an educator for years, and it is her passion for education that continues to fuel her success. As a young teacher, Tuttle worked in a school in Las Vegas teaching students from low income families. Tuttle looked up to the teachers around her who were committed to helping the students and their families. She has continued to be committed to helping students and says, “It makes my day to hear of a student’s success.” Through all her experiences teaching, Tuttle believes that “education is the key to building a happy and successful life.”

Marie Enjoying Retirement
Tuttle enjoying retirement

So, what now? Tuttle will serve as alumni board post-chair for a year and continue to enjoy retirement. She says, “I will continue to enjoy the events planned by the MSE Alumni Society and appreciate the commitment the McKay School has made to better connect and communicate with our alumni.”

Tuttle loves retirement because it gives her an opportunity to travel and visit friends and family members in need of company and assistance due to health problems. She also enjoys sitting down to read a good book, knowing it is for her own pleasure and not for work.

Writer: Ashley Young

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