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McKay School faculty and students showcase research.

The annual McKay School Mentored Research Conference is an opportunity for faculty and students to showcase their research. This year, there were many unique topics ranging from sacred educational spaces to sexual betrayal trauma. There was even a project researching victim, peer, and adult responses to bullying in Harry Potter.

All students were welcome to participate in the conference, and those who wished to participate in the contest submitted their posters to be judged. The first round of judging consisted of a panel of faculty judges who scored each entry. Then, the top five undergraduate and top five graduate posters were sent to the second round where the students were given an opportunity to present their research to a panel of judges. After that, winners were chosen.

Here are the winners for this year:

MRC 2019

The undergraduate winners, Madeline Shipes, Linda George, and Cassidy Sanchez expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in mentored research. While they were all familiar with the theoretical side of learning they hadn’t had a chance to see it in action. Sanchez said, “We learned what it means to see our research come alive.”

The graduate honorable mention, Laurel Woods, had a similar experience and was grateful for the real-life experience. She added, “I learned how to take criticism, what to gain from it, and why it’s important.” Before her graduate degree, she said she got gold stars on everything, but with this mentored research she really had to dig deep to succeed.

Included with the traditional research teams, there were also a few students who presented their inspired learning experiences. One student, Savannah Hagen, studied sacred educational spaces. She went and visited different synagogues, chapels, and other religious spaces to see how they were set up for learning. She said, “It’s one thing to talk about these things, and a completely different experience to see what it’s like.” She was grateful for her two professor mentors who guided the experience. She said, “They have such incredible knowledge about these topics and were able to guide our learning in ways that we probably wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.”

Moving forward, each student has a project they can be proud of and a mentored learning experience that will enhance their future.

MRC 2019
Graduate and undergraduate winners with faculty
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Writer: Ashley Hamblin
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