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The McKay School has many new employees this fall.

In the midst of this year’s construction, new classrooms, and office relocations, many new faces have popped up around the McKay School. Here is a brief introduction to each of the latest employees you might see.

Isaac Calvert

The first of the abundance of new employees is Isaac Calvert. He is a new assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership in the McKay School of Education. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in music and a PhD in instructional psychology and technology from BYU. After his training at BYU, he attended the University of Oxford to pursue a doctorate of philosophy in education, philosophy, and religions.

His areas of expertise include religiously informed teaching and learning practices, philosophy of education, ethnography, and anthropology. While studying through Oxford, he was able to live in Jerusalem, studying among orthodox Jewish communities. His research focuses on how different cultures and religions handle teaching and learning as a sacred activity.
When Isaac is not researching, traveling to Jerusalem (as frequently as he can), or teaching, he enjoys woodworking, running, and hunting for antique furniture.

Necole De Rurange

Necole De Rurange, the new Teacher Education graduate secretary, received a bachelor’s of science and exercise with a minor in family life from BYU three years ago. She has been previously employed at BYU Catering, Kelly Services, Wavetronix, the Provo Recreation Center, Utah Community Credit Union, Survey Sampling International, and Vivint, but she loves being a secretary for the McKay School because of the great environment, the short commute, and the kind people.

In her spare time, she likes to design planners and read. She is always looking for new books or articles to read, so send them her way!

Tyson Harmon

Tyson Harmon, a new assistant professor in the Communication Disorders Department, was raised in Mountain View, a small town in Wyoming. He double majored in communication disorders and Portuguese at BYU, then stayed to get a master's in speech pathology. He recently earned his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Harmon's specialties lie in neurogenic communication disorders (specifically aphasia and acquired apraxia of speech), which encompass difficulty speaking due to brain damage. His personal research interests include studying how emotion and attention affect communication performance in aphasia patients. Harmon is married and has four children, one girl and three boys, with another girl on the way. He likes to hike and run with his wife so much that they both completed a marathon last October.

Deidre Logan

Deidre Logan is the new Counseling Psychology and Special Education secretary. She received her associate’s degree from Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois. She enjoys being a secretary in the McKay School because she can work on projects to help others and research details to understand the larger picture.

She loves music and “likes to have a ‘soundtrack’ to [her] life.” She was once considering becoming a music teacher in elementary school. She also enjoys working with computers and figuring out new capabilities of hardware and software.

Amanda Sanders

Amanda Sanders is the new secretary for the Dean’s Office. She recently graduated with a BA in art, with an emphasis in sculpture. She was previously employed with LDS Philanthropies, where she helped at the front desk and participated on the data entry team.

Aside from sculpting, she loves to “experiment with sewing” and meet new people. She’s grateful to be here “working with wonderful people who answer [her] many, many questions.”

Julie Schow

Julie Schow has been working at BYU as a part-time clinical educator in the Communication Disorders Department for the past five years. As an assistant professor in the same department, she will continue performing those duties as well as additional ones. She is currently the off-campus internship coordinator for the department and teaches the accompanying internship class. She will also be teaching aural rehabilitation and language development.

Schow has been in the field for 25 years, working in schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. She enjoys the medical side of speech pathology, and some of her special interests are pediatric feeding and adult brain injuries. Some of her hobbies include sailing on Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake, as well as skiing and hiking with her husband. Schow and her husband have six children and two grandchildren.

We’d like to send a big welcome to all the new faculty and staff of the McKay School!

Writer: Anna Nielsen
Contact: Cynthia Glad (801) 422-1922