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October 2020 Message From the Dean's Office

Since coming to the McKay School about a year ago, I have noticed—and have really come to appreciate—that our students are driven by a higher purpose. Such is also evident in our faculty and staff. I so appreciate the prayers that are offered in meetings, and the words of thanks that are given for the privilege of working at BYU. Just recently I even had a nursing student tell me she loves the McKay Building. Walking our halls in both buildings and seeing the mission and themes posted on the walls, one does get a feeling of warmth and spirit.

I love the comments we receive from our students. I would like you to meet two teacher education students who are truly driven by something more than themselves:  

“The field of education is a sacred field. There is nothing I desire more than to influence the lives of children for the better. I want my students to know that I undeniably believe in them and that I want them to believe in themselves with that same fervor. The desire for my students to reach incredible heights and to make a difference in their future employment, families, and communities, burns like a fire at the core of my soul.” —Brianna Smith, '22

“I love to teach. I feel it so deep inside of me that teaching is what I am meant to do. Every time I stand in front of a class or sit one-on-one with a student, I feel peace and passion for what I am doing. There are days I get so excited in one of my classes that I feel like I might burst with the joy that I feel towards teaching. I truly believe that Heavenly Father placed this desire within me to teach His children and He has helped me develop and my gifts so I can be the best teacher I can be.” —Elly Ferguson, '22

Wow! This is the present and future we are seeing at the McKay School, no matter the field of study.

May I express my thanks to all for the contributions you make in so many ways. Time, talent, expertise, spirit, friendship, and financial contributions are all impactful. I hope the spirit of our work will continue on, despite current circumstances that can certainly make us wonder. As the scripture says, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10). 

With gratitude,
Michael Leonard