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Professor Mom

Katie Steed and Heidi Nelson and Family
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Former associate clinical professors Katie Steed, MS, and Heidi Nelson, MS, received $10,000 for winning the Social Product Status Award from the BYU Ballard Center for their presentation on their business, Professor Mom.

Professor Mom encourages and enables parents to teach their children at home while also offering its products for use by classroom teachers. Nelson and Steed are BYU McKay School alumnae who combined their education skills and experience with their personal knowledge of parents’ needs to create Professor Mom.

Through Professor Mom, Nelson and Steed work to help struggling parents to provide their children with the best at-home teaching experience. Steed has been the Disability Specialist Manager for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2018. Nelson was a McKay School graduate student when the partners entered the contest, which allowed them to compete in the student contest. Both women are mothers, Steed since 2007 and Nelson since 2014.

Nelson and Steed plan to use their winnings to grow and expand their reach so that parents can get more support in teaching children at home. “Ultimately, Professor Mom's mission is to support kids to have equitable education trajectories.” says Nelson.

Writer:  Morgan Keller
Contact: Cindy Glad