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Angie Jones exemplified faith in her battle with breast cancer and her decision to obtain a master's degree

Despite the harsh obstacles Angie Jones has encountered in her life, she has remained optimistic and full of faith. Jones has learned that God always has a plan, even if you don’t always understand it.

In October 2013, Jones was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time, she learned to rely on God’s plan for her and her family.

“We have to trust that He knows what we need,” Jones said, “When we are in the middle of something, we need to recognize that He loves us and that He is building and stretching us. He is helping us be the best we can be. If we let Him do that, and allow Him to be a part of our lives, we really can’t go wrong.”

The hardest part of her battle with cancer was sharing the news with her three children. However, she turned this into an opportunity to bear her testimony to her family.

“Listen, this is our chance to practice what we believe,” Jones explained. “For how many years have we said, ‘We need to have faith’ or ‘Heavenly Father has a plan for us,’ but do we really believe that? This is our opportunity to prove to our Heavenly Father that yes, we believe those things. We believe that He has a plan for us, not just for Mommy, but for our whole family.”

Jones went through six rounds of chemotherapy, five surgeries, and three procedures during 2014. Through it all, she worked full-time and only missed three days of work during her chemotherapy. What carried her through these difficult times was the comfort of knowing that others were praying for her.

“I truly felt the prayers of others,” Jones said. “I really felt their love and I felt that the Lord was listening to their prayers and giving me the extra strength I needed.”

Once her year of battling cancer was over, Jones decided she wanted to be a leader in education. She attended a meeting where all the universities from Utah presented to those interested in enrolling in an educational leadership program. She went into the meeting with the mindset that she would end up enrolling in the program at Utah State University. Yet, once the Utah State representative stood up and said, “BYU has the Cadillac program,” the Spirit washed over her and she knew that’s where she needed to go.

“If it’s meant to be, and I do my part, things will happen,” Jones said. “And things just kept falling into place. The more things that fell into place, the more it was just confirmed to me that this is where I’m supposed to go.”

Jones has thoroughly enjoyed her time so far in the Leadership Preparation Program (LPP) at BYU, from which she will graduate in June 2017. She encourages anyone who is deciding whether or not to join the major to enroll.

“We need great people. We have one of the greatest generations of students right now and they need great leaders,” Jones said. “[Heavenly Father] needs people to guide His children and support them and love them. Who better to do this than those of us who have testimonies of the gospel? We can be positive role models and positive examples and leaders for them. They need that more than anything.”

Jones graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in elementary and special education, with a kindergarten endorsement. She is currently interning at the Joel P. Jensen Middle School in Utah’s Jordan School District as a vice principal.

By: Janine Swart