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Research Development Newsletter October 2020

Upcoming Research Development Events Finding Funding Using Online Databases

October 1 | 11 am | Join on Zoom
Tune in to learn how to use online tools and be more successful in finding funding opportunities for your research.

Interdisciplinary Research Origination Award Information Meeting

October 15 | 11 am | Sign up to receive a Zoom link
Come learn about the largest internal funding opportunity at BYU- the Interdisciplinary Research Origination Award. Research Development will share guidelines and information about the award, as well as tips to increase your chances of success. See the attached Call for Proposals or for more details about the award. This program is made possible by the Simmons Research Endowment.

NSF Early Career Seminar

November 5 | 11 am | Sign up to receive a Zoom link
Join Research Development to listen to a presentation from BYU faculty member and former NSF Program Officer Steve Turley. Steve will share insights that he gained during his time as an NSF Program Officer.

Grant Proposal Writing Bootcamp

December 11 | 10 am-12 pm | Sign up to receive a Zoom link
Take the time to get to work and make serious progress on your research proposal! This bootcamp will give you the tools to be more successful and intentional in your grant-writing, and the time to put them to use.

Funding Opportunities 

Covid-19 Agency Response
To find information about how different agencies are responding to the pandemic, click here.  

Limited Submissions

Faculty who want to submit a proposal to a limited submission opportunity should indicate their intentions to the Associate Deans for Research in their college, Conrad Monson (, or Kristen Kellems (, 2-8967). Whenever multiple faculty want to apply to the same opportunity (typically a limited submission opportunity only allows one or two submittals from a university), the deans select those faculty who can submit. The selection process and list of limited submission opportunities are posted on the Limited Submissions Opportunities page of the RD website:

Interdisciplinary Research Teams

Research Development continues to facilitate the creation of interdisciplinary research (IDR) teams.  If you would like RD help in forming a team, coordinating with an existing team’s activities, or want a place to meet (the conference room 270 McDonald Building has been designated for IDR teams), please contact Kaylie Winterton (, 2-0132).

To get notes and information on past seminars and events, or provide feedback or suggestions for newsletter content, please contact Kaylie Winterton (, 2-0132). STEM Research Development (RD) supports faculty efforts to find and secure research funding. That support includes finding funding, reviewing, editing, and managing proposals and contacting funders. For assistance from STEM RD, contact Conrad Monson (, 2-7722) or Kaylie Winterton (, 2-0132).