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Russell T. Osguthorpe

Russell T. Osguthorpe is a professor of instructional psychology and technology in the David O. McKay School of Education. He currently serves as director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Brigham Young University as well as a part-time Area Seventy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"I first knew Russ as a graduate student at BYU in what was then an instructional psychology pro- gram within the Educational Psychology Depart- ment. I recall Russ as a person who stood out. I often thought, “Someday I’ve got to know him better.” I’ve had the great opportunity this last few years of nally getting to know him better. I can only say that it was worth the wait."

          —Andy Gibbons, chair of The Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology


Prior to joining BYU, Osguthorpe served on the faculty of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York. He speaks several languages; has collaborated on educational projects in China, Europe, and Polynesia; and has been a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto and the University of Paris.

Russ Osguthorpe is a leader with vision and passion. He cares deeply about students and works diligently to improve their learning experiences by teaching well, mentoring other faculty members, writing material that can be shared with many teachers, and guiding the direction of the Center for Teaching and Learning on the BYU campus. It is a delight and honor to work with him.

          —Stephanie Allen, associate director, Center for Teaching and Learning

"Russ is a man of vision. In his leadership roles as department chair, mission president, and director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, he has not only helped to establish a new vision for the organization, but he has motivated his co-workers to help make the vision a reality."

          —Paul Merrill, professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology

"Russ is a quiet influencer who can be trusted. People seek his opinion, and his judgment is always worth taking the time to obtain. His understanding of people is firmly grounded in gospel principles."

          —Andy Gibbons

He has authored five books and more than 50 journal articles on instructional design, teacher education, and special education. Many of his journal articles have been co-authored with students he has mentored. His most recent book, Choose to Learn: Teaching for Success Every Day, was co-authored with his wife, Lolly. It was written to provide teachers with a proven approach for helping their students succeed by making a conscious decision to learn.