W. Dale Heyland, EdD, has used his BYU education to serve his community.

It’s safe to say W. Dale Heyland, EdD, loves to serve those around him as best as he can. He attributes this to his time at the McKay School. “BYU lit my fire to make a difference in people’s lives, the community, and wherever I was called to serve,” said Heyland. “BYU['s School] of Education was the catalyst for me to see opportunities to be of service to others and to my community.”

Heyland received his master of education in community education from BYU after receiving his bachelor of business education from the University of Alberta. In 1987, he received his doctorate.

The opportunity for service is one of the reasons Heyland loves education so much—it gives him a chance to give back to the world. “It provides a lifestyle where an individual is constantly experiencing new opportunities,” said Heyland. “The opportunities for personal growth and development are great.”

Heyland shared that BYU made him realize how much of an impact faculty have by caring for their students and the value of that care in the learning process. When he was writing his comprehensive exams for his doctorate, he was overwhelmed. Of this experience, he said, “My advisor took me into to his office, and we knelt in prayer and he prayed for my success—it was a life changer for me.”

To those seeking a degree in education, or those who have been teachers for years, Heyland offers this advice: “Life is what you make it. Set goals, develop specific action plans, and observe the changes that can be made as you follow them. It will amaze you what impact that will have on you as well as others.”

Since then, he has been chosen as the vice president over community education at Lethbridge Community College in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, developing the college’s first strategic plan. He received an award for the best community education division in a community college in all of Canada, which resulted in him being promoted to the vice president academic.

In 1991, Heyland left Lethbridge Community College to create Heyland and Associates Consulting Services, Inc., which provides leadership training, team-building training, employee assessments, and more for business, industry, education, and healthcare. He has also volunteered on various boards and served a Church Educational System mission in Toronto, Canada, with his wife.

Heyland currently resides in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, with his wife, Renee.

Writer: Lauren Hansen

Contact: Shauna Valentine, (801) 422-8562