Student Spotlights

From ‘Hapa’ to ‘Complete’: A Story of Embracing All Parts of Your Ethnic Identity

Exploring the Relationship Between Ethnic Identity and Physical Activity with PETE Graduate Nathan Kahaiali’i

By sharing his research findings and his journey of self-discovery, Nathan Kahaiali’i hopes to motivate youth to embrace their ethnic identities and stay…

Graduation Speakers Announced

Two students and a McKay School administrator will speak at graduation convocation, August 2018.

At this August's graduation convocation, there will be two students, Kimberly Ellsworth and Hannah Stokes, and one administrator, Al Merkley, speaking.

McKay School Student Joins Fellowship Community

Marcie Calder, school psychology student, received the Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship

Marcie Calder was selected for support under the Minority Fellowship Program Services for Transition Age Youth (STAY) fellowship. Along with a generous stipend…

Teaching with the Arts

EdLF master’s student Karie Cooper is helping transform classroom learning with art

As part of the EdLF LPP program, Karie Cooper has been interning at Greenwood Elementary School where she writes and prepares K-6 lessons, which blend math,…

Faculty Spotlights

EdLF Professor Organizes Conference on Civil Rights and Education Finance for NEFA

Spencer Weiler, EdLF Professor and NEFA President-Elect, Participates in an Education Finance Conference on Civil Rights.

Spencer Weiler, EdLF professor and NEFA president-elect, participates in education finance conference on civil rights and equity.

Making Ripples with Red Pens

Cregg Ingram's legacy has rippled through generations.

Former McKay School Professor, Cregg Ingram, has made a profound impact on generations of students. This tribute highlights just a few people who were inspired…

Alumni Spotlights

An Advocate for Autism—Heather Smith Beatie (‘80)

Propelled to learn about autism after her daughter’s diagnosis,  Heather Beatie shares her knowledge with others.

Heather Smith Beatie chose to be a stay-at-home mother when she found out her daughter, Melissa, had autism. Her background in education helped her find the…

Active Learning—Hannah Wold (‘15, ‘19)

Hannah Wold found in a recent study that reading effectiveness significantly improves after physical activity.

Wold found that reading scores (words per minute, accuracy, and words retold) are significantly affected by the amount of physical activity students do.

Decoding Education—McKay Perkins (‘11, ‘18)

McKay Perkins programs coding into elementary education.

To prepare students for a future in coding, McKay Perkins uses a simplified coding program designed for elementary education purposes.

Stay Close to Your Passions—Amber Robinson (’09)

Robinson follows her passions and pursues a nontraditional career in education

Shaped by her early childhood education major, Robinson pursues an education-centered career outside of the traditional elementary classroom