Student Spotlights

Teaching with the Arts

Current EdLF master’s student Karie Cooper is helping transform classroom learning with art

As part of the EdLF LPP program, Karie Cooper has been interning at Greenwood Elementary School where she writes and prepares K-6 lessons, which blend math,…

For Beginners: How to Run an Evacuation Center in a High School

Current education doctorate student Karen Strong volunteered for a day at an evacuation center only to have it turn into a two-week stay.

Wildfires spread in northern California this past October, which forced schools to shut down and turn into evacuation centers. Karen Strong found herself…

An Academic Journey

Patrick Fossat has attended several universities and gained valuable insight from his experiences.

The move from southern Utah to Utah Valley was meant to be temporary, but 12 years later, Patrick Fossat still hasn’t left.

A Life of Change

Jim Groethe has lived a life of change, both in his own life and in students’ lives through education.

After spending ten years pursuing a career in finance, Jim Groethe decided to completely change career paths. With the constant encouragement and support of…

Faculty Spotlights

Impact on the Future

Joe Jensen’s hard work in education has helped him be a positive influence in many students’ lives.

When Joe Jensen was growing up, he had dreams of becoming a mountain man like Jim Bridger. While Jensen might not have transformed the land like Jim Bridger…

Alumni Spotlights

Lift Where You Stand—Joan Morris (’80)

Joan Morris has used her early childhood education training in many ways outside the classroom.

Education in Everything—LaRae Wilson (’81)

LaRae Harris Wilson has used her teaching degree in many positions outside of the classroom.

LaRae Wilson has done it all. Wilson graduated from the McKay School in 1981 and since then has done everything from teaching piano, to being a human resources…

Deeper Learning at Granite School District

Tyler Howe is helping implement STEAM initiatives in the Granite School District.

With Tyler Howe’s help, a school has been opened and is operating in STEAM initiatives, while another school has recently been renovated to also implement the…

Twenty-first century learning in Alpine School District

With the help of Joe Backman, the Alpine School District is implementing deeper learning skills

The Alpine School District is teaching their students how to become successful in the twenty-first century