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Spring/Summer 2018 Dean's Message

Greetings to you all from Chicago. I am here with a couple of our colleagues attending ISTE, a conference on technology and education. Amongst all the gadgets, gizmos, and hype, one timely message emphasized the importance of digital citizenship. It’s not digital security which protects data, it is how we structure our digital lives and presence to be civil, engaging, and kind.

Caution-taped Elevator
Photo Credit:
McKay Creative

It’s summer time, and this year the McKay School is undergoing more renovation and construction than usual. First, the McKay Building elevator is out of commission. We’re told that it will take at least four weeks and possibly as many as six weeks to finish replacing it. As one who uses the elevator in order to honor the inventor, those repairs can’t happen quickly enough. I’ve got a lot of honoring I want to do.

Another big area of construction in the McKay Building is the repurposing of five classrooms (rooms 160, 166, 168, 270, and 331) to create a learning environment for IP&T students and faculty that more closely aligns with current design science. Unfortunately, classes that were scheduled for those rooms in the fall have had to be relocated. Major kudos to Heather Krieger and the department secretaries for coordinating all of that rescheduling. Every possible effort has been made to accommodate as many classes as possible in the building.

The TEC Lab is being renovated so Steve Burton and his students will be able to serve us all better. Steve will have a new office in the northeast section of the lab. An office adjacent to Steve’s old office will be built, and those two offices will become new homes for PR and Alumni Relations. Room 331, the “old” PR office, will become a regular classroom, as will room 270. Those “new” classrooms will help alleviate some of the stress caused by the loss of rooms 160, 166, and 168.

The Taylor Building is getting some new office configurations, and the lab used by Katy Cabbage and Doug Peterson will be changed to reflect the work that they do in schools.

I want to thank each of you for your support of these initiatives even in the face of some personal inconvenience. We are hopeful that these physical changes will facilitate the work of the McKay School and help provide the best possible resources for each of us to be successful.

Have a great summer and refresh and recharge for next year. See you all at McKay Day.

Al Merkley