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McKay School student researched how teachers can use technology in the classrooms to benefit their students.

Photo Sydney Boyer
Sydney Boyer
Photo Credit: BYU Photo

Today, people carry computers in their pockets, cross continents in hours, and receive medical treatments that improve the quality of their lives. But how has technol­ogy changed the modern classroom?

Not very much, according to Sydney Boyer, an ele­mentary education major who researched how teachers integrate technology into their curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

“Often the in-service teachers are very nervous and hesitant to use new technology,” says Boyer, “especially since a lot of them are experienced teachers—they already have their preferred methods.”

Under the guid­ance of Professor Jennifer Wimmer, Boyer focused on interactive whiteboards, the 21st century’s version of chalkboards.

"Boyer embraced being a researcher," says Wimmer. “She conducted a literature review and helped with data collection and analysis.”

Boyer says, “There is a gap between the classroom and the real world. The gap just gets bigger and bigger, but technology is a way to bridge it and bring that real-life aspect to the classroom.”