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Meet the new assistant professor in the EdLF department

When you walk into Professor Isaac Calvert’s office, the first thing that catches your eye is a big mahogany bookshelf filled with vibrant paintings and captivating books.

Portrait of Isaac Calvert taken by BYU PhotoCalvert is a new assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations. “I’ve designed my office so it’s welcoming,” said Calvert. “I want students to feel comfortable. My office is for them. They are always invited to come in and read or study.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree from BYU as a piano performance major and Spanish minor, Calvert obtained a PhD from the McKay School of Education in instructional psychology and technology. Afterwards, Calvert left mountainous Provo for the abundantly green England. He attended Oxford University and earned a DPhil (equivalent to a PhD) in education, philosophy, and religion.

This semester, Calvert is teaching EdLF 201, a foundations of education class that he designed. The course focuses on the history and philosophy of education. Calvert said his favorite aspect about his field of work is getting to watch his students teach him. “I find it fun to watch them in action,” he said.

His areas of expertise include religiously informed teaching and learning practices, philosophy of education, ethnography, and anthropology. He is currently researching holiness in religion—more specifically, how Judaism treats teaching and learning as a sacred act.

Outside of work, Calvert loves to teach others about Jerusalem. Every summer he takes people there and shows them around the historical city. Calvert’s hobbies include journaling, writing letters in the “old fashioned way,” and woodworking. He previously apprenticed under a violin maker and makes instruments when he can find the time.

Calvert served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Dominican Republic and hails from San Jose, California.

Writer: Leslie Owusu

Contact: Cynthia Glad (801)422-1922