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Four girls and a boy stand in front of a building stone saying David O. Mckay
Left to right: McCall Christensen (Physical Education Teaching/ Coaching), Nicole Kline (Special Education/Severe), Taylor Baird (Early Childhood Education), Mary Gillespie (Elementary Education), Taylon Mann (Elementary Education).

Student Ambassadors, 2018–2019 

Student ambassadors repre­sent each of the undergradu­ate teaching majors within the McKay School. They plan and organize events for prospective students, such as weekly activities in the Wilkinson Student Center and lunchtime information sessions each semester.

Student ambassadors provide prospective students with an accurate portrayal of the McKay School student experience in one-on-one consultations, at on-campus events, and at information sessions. Ambassadors are able to convey their own posi­tive experiences that they have had as aspiring teachers and also invite others to experience how rewarding a career in teaching can be.

Six girls stand arm-in-arm smiling
Left to right: Emily Geilman, Clara Pusey, Sarah Hale, Emilee McFadden, Lauren Bell, Makenzie Quada.

Student Alumni Representatives, 2018–2019

Student alumni representatives sit on the McKay School Alumni Society Board to voice their opinions and perspec­tives as the newest alumni. They also assist in planning and carrying out events such as the Homecoming Gathering, Dinner with a Principal, or the Literacy Promise conference.

One student serves as the McKay School representative to the BYU Student Alumni Relations Council with the opportunity to broaden their campus connections also. This council collaborates with each alumni college direc­tor to provide opportunities for students to connect with alumni through networking events and other promo­tions, such as organizing the college's Choose to Give campaign.


Photography courtesy of McKay School