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There are reader-submitted stories about their everyday life experiences as an administrator

Being an educator and having the privilege of working with children provides free entertainment every day. Sometimes the joy comes from parents and colleagues as well.

Excuse notes are among the many daily routines which we as educators are engaged in. Students bring notes from home explaining a prior absence, requesting an early release, or seeking help on a particular concern. These notes are often written quickly as parents push their children out the front door to the horn blasts of today’s carpool driver, and these hurriedly written notes receive little or no proofreading. One of my favorite notes, offered by a middle school student who wanted her absence excused for the prior school day, proclaimed:

"Dear Mr. Bowles,

Please excuse Deeni for being.

Mrs. Johnson

I suspect that Mrs. Johnson meant “Please excuse Deeni for being absent yesterday.”

School notes carry power. Young students who discover the power of a note are also simultaneously discovering the power of literacy. One bright spring morning, one of my kindergarten teachers received the following note:

"Hix it is Luis is mom he will be not go out because he is sick."

I’ll translate: “Hi. It is Luis’s mom. He will not go outside cause he is sick.” I cheered for Luis’s new-found literacy and allowed him to celebrate outside in the fresh air.

Submitted by Bryan Bowles.