Carmack's teaching cemented a teacher's influence in human relationships

Becci Carmack grew up in Downey, Idaho. Carmack was the first member of her immediate family to attend college and felt that BYU was the perfect place to pursue her degree.

Carmack’s time at BYU made a deep impression on her life. She was exposed to cultural experiences that were totally foreign to her background. BYU introduced her to a new depth of spirituality. Reflecting on her time at BYU, she says, “My BYU education was one of the many factors in my life that inspired me to make a positive difference in the world.” During her years at BYU, she remembers being “alive” in the act of learning, seeing, and understanding.

Carmack graduated with her education degree in 1979, the same year she got married. For the past 28 years, since graduation, she has served as an educator, teaching several different grade levels, finding her niche in Honors English 8. She has also served as department chair, has sat on district committees, and has helped write and revise district curriculum.

During her years as an educator, Carmack has realized that teaching is a gift of the Spirit. On a daily basis, she finds the ability to appreciate the worth of each individual soul in her classroom. She never realized that she could love so many children. She has learned that her relationships with students, parents, and staff are important and make a huge impact. Carmack’s years in education have also taught her there is no replacement for preparation and expertise.

Carmack has enjoyed balancing her career in education and her family. Carmack and her husband have been married for 30 years and together they have five children. Three of them have attended BYU and one attends BYU–Idaho. They are currently enjoying having their one daughter, a freshman in high school, still at home. In addition to spending time with her family, Carmack enjoys gardening and reading.

January 19, 2010